MESARD teams are trained in a number of search and rescue specialties.

All operational MESARD teams are trained in one or more of the following specialties: wilderness air scent search, tracking, water search and human remains detection. All MESARD dogs are temperament tested for stability and safety according to Maine Association of Search and Rescue (MASAR) standards. In addition, MESARD offers these capabilities to the agencies we assist in search and rescue:

RAPID RESPONSE: Certified search teams are prepared to respond within 15 minutes of call out.

24 HOUR AVAILABILITY: Dog teams are trained to work day or night. As a proven night search resource, MESARD teams allow the agency in charge of the search to start or maintain a highly effective search effort during hours when human searchers alone are least capable due to darkness.

EQUIPMENT: Each MESARD team carries a 5 watt field radio and gear as may be required to sustain the team for 24 hours.

MOBILITY: Teams can be transported by vehicles, boats or aircraft.

EFFECTIVENESS: Dogs’ scent capabilities allow teams to locate people over large land areas and in water.

NO COST: MESARD members provide their services and those of their dogs free of charge.


MESARD dogs are trained to locate people. We do not search for lost pets. Please refer to the following links for assistance in locating missing pets.

You can also contact Maine Lost Dog Recovery at: or through Facebook Messenger on the Maine Lost Dog Recovery Facebook Page

A local Bowdoin, Maine K9 Tracking team: Lost Pet Tracking Dogs on Facebook or at their Website or call 207-200-8060