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Indoor training day

Our friends at Renaissance Dogs in Holden, Maine were great to host Maine Search and Rescue Dogs once again and it was a great way to spend yesterday afternoon after a long business meeting. The dogs worked on agility, obedience and general socialization with each other. This type of indoor facility allows us to really focus on polishing up our obedience work and ensuring our search dogs are well mannered. Enjoy the big game tonight!

Dog Training

A couple different approaches to hiding for the dogs

Horsin Around

We had a great joint training yesterday with Maine Mounted Search and Rescue. There were horses and dogs crisscrossing the woods learning to work side by side and search for the hiders. This is just another example of how highly trained animals can work with their human partners to search for the missing. We will certainly continue this joint training with MMSAR to improve our search capabilities.

MASAR Conference and May Training

May has been a crazy month with the Maine Search and Rescue Conference weekend before last and team training this past weekend in both Dixmont and Alfred. I have a hodge podge of photos from the MASAR conference at Camp Jordan in Ellsworth and training in Alfred.

Snow Cave and Burial training

Last year at this time we had little trouble finding mountainous snow piles the size of small buildings. This year we had to work with what mother nature has provided us and what is left over from plowing. The piles were certainly smaller and bare ground everywhere else. I for one am not going to complain about that. The team in part was training in an active parking lot adjacent to several stores in Freeport. We had some funny looks as people drove by wondering why we were digging into the piles with small shovels. If you ever made a snow cave as a kid, you probably remember that the integrity of the cave is important. That importance takes on a whole new meaning when a 60-80 lb search dog starts poking around, excited to find you. The dogs per usual were not a bit fooled and found the hiders each and every time. Please enjoy the photos of our hardworking dogs and humans.