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Mission Statement

"Maine Search and Rescue Dogs (MESARD) is a non-profit organization that provides official agencies in the State of Maine and the Northeast region with trained and certified volunteer search and rescue dog teams that aid and assist in the recovery of missing persons. To accomplish this, MESARD teams will strive to maintain high levels of competence, professionalism, public service and ethics."

Maine Search and Rescue Dogs (MESARD) is a volunteer K9 Search and Rescue group in Maine that supports search missions conducted by the Maine Warden Service, State Police, and other law enforcement agencies across Maine. A MESARD team consists of a K9 handler and a search dog that have completed extensive training and passed certifications. All MESARD teams comply with the Maine Association for Search and Rescue standards.

Handler and flanker training includes First Aid/CPR, day and night land navigation, radio communications, GPS and map and compass, wilderness survival, crime scene preservation, the Incident Command System, and ground search techniques. Search dog certifications are in one or more disciplines: tracking/trailing, wilderness area search, evidence, land and water cadaver search.

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TalaIn memory of Sam Kern

Pleasant Mountain

Denmark, Maine

September 26, 2020.

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Lost a pet?

MESARD dogs are trained to locate people. We do not search for lost pets. Please refer to the following links for assistance in locating missing pets.

You can also contact Maine Lost Dog Recovery at: or through Facebook Messenger on the Maine Lost Dog Recovery Facebook Page

Other good websites for information on recovering lost pets:

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